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125khz EM4305 Proximity RFID ID Cards

Model : CKTRLF0002
Material ; PVC , ABS or PET etc
Frequency : 125-134.2khz
Chip : EM4305 ,EM4200 ,TK4100 ,T5577 ,etc .
Size:85.5*54mm , 0.84mm thickness
Color : offset printing full color or white without printing
Certificate ;RoHS
MOQ :1000pcs
Free samples testing is available
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EM4305 proximity rfid id cards is a CMOS integrated circuit intended for use in electronic Read/Write RF card. It is suitable for low cost solutions like animas tagging applications ,and also supports bi-phase and Manchester data encodings .We can help you to print your artwork , numbering , holes punching , barcode .etc .

Product 125khz EM4305 Proximity RFID ID Cards
Material PVC, ABS, PET
Size Stander size(credit card size):85.5*54*0.84mm or customizedClamshell LF card will 1.8mm thickness
Surface Finishing Glossy/Matte/Frosted/Transparent
Printing Without printing, with lamination overlay
Chips Option TK 4100, EM 4200, EM 4305, T5577, HID, HITAG 1, HITAG 2, HITAG S, etc
Memory 64bits , 128bits , 330bits ,2kbits . 256bits .etc
Reading distance 3-8cm
Personalization Serial number, barcode, magnetic stripe, QR code, encoding, etc
Package In smaller white box, then in carton
Shipment By Express, by air, by sea
Application Door control access , identification , hotel card , member card etc ..

Features :

512bit EEPROM organized in 16 words of 32bit

32 bit unique identifier (UID)

32 bit password read and write protection

ISO 11784/11785 Standard Compliant

Lock feature converts EEPROM words into Read only 

Two data encodings : Manchester and Bi-phase

Multi-purpose data rate : 8 ,16 ,32,40 and 64 RF clocks

Reader Talk First feature

Compatible with EM4469/EM4569 communication protocol

100 to 150KHz frequency range 

On-chip rectifier and voltage limiter

No external supply buffer capacitor needed

-40°C to +85°C temperature range

Very low power consumption


Animal identification according to ISO FDX-B

Pigeon races standard

Waste management standard (BDE)

Access control


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