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CKT Smartcard Co.,Ltd is a professional high-tech enterprise specializes in designing, researching, manufacturing smart cards including laser Cards, RFID tags, Contact Cards, Contactless Cards, RFID Labels, Rewritable Cards, etc.

Our Factory are established in 2004, with workshop more than 8,000 square meter, about 200 employee, More than 15 years OEM cards manufacture experience.

CKT is capable of providing customers with easy-to integrate and expandable smart card technology based solution for banking, AFC, parking, public transport, NFC payment , e-id, gaming, vending, healthcare, telecom, fueling, hotel etc. CKT is honored as National High-Tech Enterprise. A number of products have been identified as Important New Products by the State, Province and City.




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  • RFID Wristband
  • RFID Reader

Credibility foundation of company’s survival and development. The company keeps faith with the society, provides the good –quality products, and tries its best to create fortune at large, to contribute to the building of a harmonious society. The company acts in good faith to the customer, aiming to meet its customer’s requirements and satisfaction. All in all, the company serves the customer heart and soul. It keeps faith to its employees, believing in “people –oriented management”; meanwhile, the employees are faithful to the company and regard the enterprise as their home. To sum up, Credibility is fundamental to a company’s existence and further development.

Entrepreneurism  Route of the company’s survival and development. By means of the team’s strength, intelligence and hardworking, the company provides the customers with the high-quality service and creates wealth to the society, aiming to establish the brand of “CKT”. The company specializes in the smart card and RFID’s application, system integration solution and provides the first-class design, product, service in an effort to be a brand enterprise which is the top-rank in China and also well-know in the global market.

Practicality principle for the company’s survival and development . CKT insists on applying the theory to the reality. It takes priority of market and customer’s demands and asides by the objective law in order to stand the reality’s test. Brave in practice and no fear of hardship; Brave in creativity and no fear of risk; as well as brave in struggle and no fear of sacrifice. The company does stand ready to seize the survival and further development from the practice.

Creativity  the soul of company’s survival and development. CKT is facing the challenge of the new age. In the fierce market competition, creativity is the major motivation of the sustainable development. It persists in the creativity to keep abreast of the times, particularly in the aspects of concept, technology, product, marketing, management, system and culture, etc.

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